Hello World !

First post wooooo.

I'll be using this blog mostly for covering production techniques. Basics like clipping masks and hardware setup, up to more advanced PS capabilities like updating any number of documents in real time using linked files. Why is that useful? Ever had an art director request a time of day change on a file with 50 meticulously lit custom textures? You will! Then he'll ask for new textures, and you'll blow his mind again!

Then he'll ask for a lower camera angle and you'll weep silently in a bathroom stall while nursing a bottle of Jack Daniels and sob-texting your girlfriend.

First actual content post coming soon. I'll be talking about verrrrry basic character design (I'm talking comic book version of Game of Thrones character here), using clipping masks and a single light layer. It's really just the bread, though- the meat of the post will be a full on review of my new Yiynova MVP20U+RH tablet monitor. Ever wanted a Cintiq for under $600? Pinch yourself, dream girl- it exists!

Preview WIP image: